Exceptional Performance 

Here's what the ratings agencies have to say about Park Ridge Community Bank:

Bauer Financial 

Park Ridge Community Bank is "Recommended as one of the strongest banks in the United States." 

Latin America

Weiss Rating

Weiss Watchdog Report Rates Park Ridge Community Bank an A–.
This means that the institution offers excellent financial security. It has maintained a conservative stance in its business operations as evidenced by its strong equity base, top-notch asset quality, steady earnings, and high liquidity. While the financial position of any institution is subject to change, we believe that this institution has the resources necessary to deal with severe economic conditions.

The current rating indicates that the institution is now on the Weiss Recommended List, which includes only those rated B+ or higher. It is among the strongest financial institutions in the country and offers excellent financial stability for its customers.


We have determined a composite Star rating for this bank of 5 Stars, indicative of a superior financial condition. 

"This bank exhibited a superior condition, characterized by very solid overall, sustainable profitability, a very high measure of asset quality, very strong capitalization and seemingly ample liquidity."

Contact the Officers Directly 

The officers of Park Ridge Community Bank are always directly available to our customers.

Thomas E. Carter, Chairman, President & CEO
Direct at 847.384.9206

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