We're a Nationally Recognized, Owner-Managed bank that's highly reviewed by the rating agencies. 

Bauer Financial states that Park Ridge Community Bank is "Recommended as one of the strongest banks in the United States."

In 1995 Gene Carter along with his son Tom, who is now President & CEO, opened the Bank at Talcott and Prospect. In recent years the Third Generation of the Carter Family has joined the bank with Sam Carter, Vice President - Loans and Paul Carter, Vice President - Operations. 

We provide the highest quality business and personal banking services in an efficient and friendly manner. We are accountable to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional products delivered with all of the State-of-the-Art technology you've come to expect. 

If you're not yet a customer, please stop by the bank or contact us by clicking the button below. We're sure you'll appreciate the difference of banking with a Nationally Recognized, Owner-Managed Bank. 


Park Ridge Community Bank


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