service charges
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  Service Charge Amount  
  Money Orders $3.00  
  Research Fee $30 per hour + $1.00 per page  
  ATM/Debit Card Replacement $5.00  
  Cashiers Check/Money Order/
Certified Checks
  Closed Account Fee (First 90 Days) $5.00  
  Coin Counting (Bank Customers) No Charge  
  Collection Fee $15.00  
  Incoming Drafts $25.00  
  Notary (Bank Customers) No Charge  
  Overdraft (NSF) $25.00  
  Daily Overdraft Fee (Starting the third
Business day the account is overdrawn)*
  Return Item Fee $4.50  
  Stop Payments $25.00  
  Telephone Transfers $4.00  
  Transfers to bring account positive $4.00  
  Travelers Cheques (Regular) 1% per $100  
  Travelers Cheques (2 Signatures) 1.5% per $100  
  Travelers Gift Check $2.50  
  Vehicle Stickers $3.00  
  Wire - Domestic Outgoing $30.00  
  Wire - Domestic Incoming $10.00  
  Wire - International $50.00  
  Dormant Account Fee (Over 1 Year and
Balance less than $250) - Savings Only
$5.00 Quarterly  
  Dormant Account Fee (Over 1 Year and
Balance less than $1000) - DDA Only
$5.00 Monthly  
  Savings Account Only:
Withdrawals in excess of six per quarter
$2.00 Each  
  *Your account can become overdrawn by any debit that makes your account negative like one of the following transactions: a check, ACH, POS or bank fee. (not an exclusive list)  
© Park Ridge Community Bank. All rates and fees subject to change without notice.
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